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“Tell me why.” Sam whispered from under the bed.
Dean moved so that he was now about halfway down the bed and equivalent to his brother’s head and squatted down, resting his hand out on the mattress. Sam tried to curl into himself more but there was nowhere to go.
“Sam, calm down dude. Just come out from under there and then we can talk about this. I promise, I won’t try anything, just come and talk.” Dean tried to coax his brother out, keeping his tone hushed but authoritative.
It didn’t look like it worked because Sam took a swipe at Dean’s feet with the piece of glass. Dean was startled, he rocked backwards and fell off his feet in his attempt to not get cut. His phone suddenly exploded with music and Sam shot himself out from under the bed, ending up in the empty chair that was against the opposite wall, he turned it around so that the back was a make shift shield between him and his brother. Dean approached him cautiously holding up the phone.
“Hello?” He asked into the phone.
“Yeah, I’m with him now. I went to wake him up but he’s startled or something, he’s scarred out of his mind of me and keeps asking me to tell him why…..I didn’t do anything Bobby! I already tried that, he won’t answer me!... Yeah, I guess, hang on.”
Dean held out the phone towards his brother.
“Sam, Bobby wants to talk to you.” Sam looked at the phone then immediately looked back at his brother.
It looked as though he was trying to decide if Dean was trying to trick him or not. He didn’t look happy about it at all but he took the phone and held it up to his ear.
“Bobby?” Sam asked uncertainly.
He was quiet for a moment and then his eyes got really big with shock and his mouth dropped open wordlessly. He then promptly chucked the phone across the room at the wall over his bed like it was on fire. It smashed on impact and the pieces scattered into the bed bellow. Dean looked completely bewildered and didn’t dare to break eye contact with his whacked out little brother.
“Dude? That was my phone!” Sam just sat there glaring up at Dean like he was Azazel or Lucifer or someone else equally out to screw with him.
“What kind of angle are you trying to play at this time? You want me to believe you’re my brother and what? Bring me somewhere that you ‘claim’ to be Bobby’s? Why?? And what are you?” Sam asked his brother with genuine confusion in his eyes.
Dean was completely speechless, Sam didn’t think it was really him?
“What are you talking about? It’s really me Sammy. And that was really Bobby.” Dean said trying to reason with him.
Sam just continued to sit there glaring at him, with no sign of answering his questions.
“Bobby wants us to go to his house, see if we can figure this out together.” Dean said cautiously.
Sam continued to sit there but his eyes looked different, his face was still in it’s stone hard glare but his eyes seemed off. Dean couldn’t quite put his finger on it and was about to ask when Sam fell backwards and collapsed onto the floor. Dean rushed to his brother side and instinctually checked for a pulse. It was going way to fast for Dean’s liking and Sam’s skin was burning hot to touch. Dean threw Sam’s arm around his shoulder and half carried half dragged him to the door. He left him propped up against the door jam and got the car and pulled it around closer to where he left Sam. Then Dean did his best to carry Sam out to the car and propped him up in the passenger seat before rounding the car and getting in the drivers side. Dean stepped on the gas and all rationality left him as the only thought that was left clear in his head rang through every vessel of his being: Help Sammy.
Dean knew that the long way to go to get to Bobby’s house with a not so helpful Sam would not be the best car ride he’d ever had but he knew if he drove as fast as humanly possible he could probably make it just under a day. Although, with the constant checking of his brother it was not going to be easy.
Hey guys! This is just the next part of the Supernatural fan-fic I'm writing. I'm sorry I haven't been uploading much but I've been buisy working on things to upload (I know, makes no sense) but I'm finishing up a bunch of them so there will be a whole whack of new things for your guys' eyes. :)

As always, let me know what you think in the comments!
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Vegan-Eagle Featured By Owner May 11, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I really like this story! Good job!! :D
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Aaaawww! Thanks so much! I'm glad you like it!
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Great written my friend:D
AterImber Featured By Owner May 11, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Aaaww really? Thank-you so much! Glad you like it!
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