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“Sam? C’mon, fight back. Be a man.” Dean had tightened his grip even more on Sam’s neck and Sam was lying underneath him like a rag doll. If Dean had wanted to, he could’ve seized the opportunity and thrown Sam into the chipper but he didn’t. Sam wouldn’t have been able to feel it anyway which is why in his tired mind he guessed Dean just decided to choke him.
“Sam! Damn it! Open your eyes!” Dean’s voice had shifted in some way but Sam’s brain was too oxygen starved to really take notice of the change. Sam was starting to loose feeling in his chest as well as his limbs and behind his eyelids he could swear he saw a relaxing light. How a colour can look relaxing he has no idea but it looks like his best option, so he tries to get to it but it starts getting farther away.
“Sam? Sam! Sam! Sammy!” Dean was screaming frantically now. Sam shot straight up into the air as he felt an icy burning hit his body all over at the same time. He started choking and his eyelids flew open surveying the scene. At first all he could see was black which jump started his brain and he thought he had lost his vision. Sam blinked a few times and his eyes started to adjust to the darkness. In front of him was a wall with an empty chair. He looked slowly over to his left and saw a small bathroom.
Where’d Dean go? He thought terrified. Sam backed himself up slowly to the top of the bed and was relieved when his back hit the wall. Okay, so he can’t sneak up behind me. There’s only one side he could be on now. Sam swept his eyes back over the parts of the room he’d already checked, making sure he didn’t miss him. Then Sam carefully moved his eyes over to the right side of the room. He very slowly moved his head in the same direction and immediately jumped to the left off the bed, crouching to use the bed as a shield while never letting his eyes off of his brother.
“Whoa, Sammy what the hell’s wrong with you?” Dean asked, seeming to be generally concerned.
Sam was easing himself back slowly, his target being the wall and then the bathroom. Dean was just starring at him with a confused look on his face. Dean had been crouching beside Sam’s bed and he went to get up but saw Sam straighten up and stiffen and decided to stop. If I can get to the bathroom before he comes at me again, I can break the mirror and kill him first Sam thought. He felt his back hit the wall behind him and he stopped moving, watching his brother. Dean had stopped looking confused and now was starring worried at his brother. He put his hands up over his head like in cop shows and slowly started to get up, not taking his eyes off his scarred brother. Once he was standing, Dean put his hands back down slowly. Sam starts making baby steps sideways towards the bathroom not breaking eye contact with his brother.
“Sam, why don’t you just calm down and then tell me what’s going on” Dean suggested.
“You’d like wouldn’t you? Getting within your target rage.” Sam spat back in response.
Dean seemed taken back by this but quickly replaced that look with his starring one. Sam was still moving towards the bathroom and wasn’t sure if Dean even knew he was moving. He had gotten to the point where the bed wasn’t between them anymore and flicked his eyes toward the bathroom and then put them back on Dean. Dean looked toward the bathroom with a deeply confused look and looked back at Sam, not changing his face. Sam dashed to the bathroom and once just inside the door spun around and locked it. He took one of the bath towels off the rack and wrapped it around the doorknob and tied it to the sink, making sure it was secure.
“Sam? What the hell?” Dean asked from the other side of the door.
“Let me in!” He yelled and started pounding on the door and trying the knob.
Sam grabbed the other towel off the rack, ignoring his brother and wrapped it around his hand. Then he punched the mirror and picked up one of the bigger shards while he heard Dean mutter ‘son of a bitch’. Sam unwrapped the towel and put it back on the rack, once that was done, he made note of the window on the far wall and untied the towel from the door and the sink. He was leaning right on the door now, piece of glass in one hand, door lock in the other.
“Damn it Sam, what are you doing?” Dean yelled through the door. Thud Sam felt the door move a little and knew his brother was trying to break it down.
“Tell me why!” Sam yelled through to his brother. He heard Dean sigh and put his hand on the door.
“Tell you why what?” Dean asked.
Sam took his hand off the door lock. He repositioned himself. So Dean’s gonna play stupid? Fine, we’ll see if he feels like talking after I have the upper hand Sam moved as quietly as he could to the window. He started to open it and it squeaked.
“Sam?” Dean yelled through the door. He tried breaking it down again.
Sam continued opening the window. Once it was open enough, he pulled out his pocket knife and started cutting out the mesh screen.
“Sam! Open the door!” Dean yelled, his voice getting frantic again. He slammed into the door with more force this time. Sam threw the mesh onto the floor and started hoisting himself up and out of the window.
“Sam!” Dean bellowed in between slams.
He was halfway out when he heard the door crack open and hit the wall seeing a very frantic and scared Dean come through it only to stop as the sight of his brother half out a bathroom window didn’t quite register with him. Sam took that opportunity to lift even more of himself out of the window. That’s when Dean seemed to snap back to the now and ran towards the window grabbing onto Sam’s arm. He started trying to pull his brother back into the bathroom. He lost his grip on his arm and he went to grab Sam’s wrist and ended up cutting himself on the edge of the glass piece Sam was holding. That didn’t stop him though, he merely ripped the piece out of Sam’s hand (cutting the insides of Sam’s hand in the process) and throwing it into the sink.
“Sam what are you doing?” Dean asked through clenched teeth.
Sam just kept struggling which was extremely hard to do since he only had half of himself to do it with. Dean finally managed to pull Sam back inside, making sure to back away as to not get pinned under him. Sam fell from the window with a loud thud but sprung back up instantly and dodged around Dean, picking up the shard from the sink and holding it behind his head in a striking position. Dean hardly had enough time to turn around as he heard Sam run back out through the bathroom door and then swan dive under the bed. Sam backed up enough so that he was curled up with his feet touching the wall under the bed and his only exposed limb was the one holding out the piece of glass.
Dean stepped out of the bathroom and crouched at the foot of the bed, tilting his head to look at Sam and he couldn’t help but remember that Sam used to do this whenever he was truly terrified of a movie or coming back after his first few hunts.
“Hey, Sammy?” Dean said using that kind big brother tone he only used for Sam. Sam swiped his hand along the floor with the broken glass in it toward the source of the noise but didn’t make contact. Dean noticed that it was the same hand as before, and by sliding his hand along the floor Sam had made a streak of blood on the carpet. In the back of his mind, Dean was vaguely amused by seeing the face of the maid after they left seeing the blood stain and the bathroom mess.
Hey guys! This is the second part of the fan-fic I'm writing called Detoxing The Hard Way. For those who don't know, it's a Supernatural fan-fic and the characters are characters in the show. I don't think I'll add any OC's unless I run out of ideas. But no need to worry, there's plenty more where this came from. Please let me know what you guys think in the comments!
Pwnedbykoiyu22 Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2013
Poor Sam......
AterImber Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Yeah, but, don't worry, it gets better!! I have up to Part 19 so feel free to go nuts! :D Thanks for your feedback and I hope you grow to enjoy the rest of the story!
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